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Ruby Gemstones

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Ruby Gemstones are a variety of the mineral corundum. Alongside sapphires they are one of the most sort after gemstone and are treasured through the ages to the current day. Their beautiful rich red colour symbolises passion and romance and they look striking when accented in a piece of jewellery with diamonds. As the birthstone for July and a milestone for celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary they are said to be associated with loyalty, compassion and honour. The most desired rubies are deep red in colour and originate from the oldest known source in Myanmar (formally known as Burma) Other producers are located in Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Afghanistan to list a few. Discover our exquisite collection of the finest quality rubies from ovals, pear shapes, rounds to octagons and French cuts. Get in touch with us to arrange a viewing or shop online at our Etsy store. If you are looking for an important ruby loose gemstone such as a Burmese ruby our extensive international network enables us to source the most rarest of natural gemstones.