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Spinel Gemstones

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Spinel gemstones have recently grown in popularity though they have been treasured for centuries. As an alternative for rubies this lively richly saturated gemstone offers a range of hues from orange, striking red to bright pink through to shades of violet, purple & vibrant blue. Major sources of spinel are found in locations such as Myanmar, Tajikistan, Sri-Lanka, Vietnam to name a few. The spinel gemstone is the newly added birthstone for August and is said to evoke great passion & promote harmony. The most famous spinel of all time is the Black Prince’s Ruby which is a large cabochon red spinel weighing 170ct. A spectacular gemstone steeped in history and set pride of place at the front of the Imperial State Crown. This majestic spinel is the oldest component of the Crown Jewels for the United Kingdom. Our collection of these alluring gemstones is available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for an intense red cushion cut spinel or an octagon pink spinel we have a large selection to choose from. Please feel free to get in touch should you wish to enquire about a specific stone or shop online at our Etsy store.